Children of Night

CHILDREN OF NIGHT is a compelling drama about the lives of the children in an orphanage in the Warsaw Ghetto under Nazi occupation. It also tells the inspring and true story of Dr. Janusz Korczak, the head of the orphanage who instilled dignity into the lives of the children while the world around them was crumbling.

L to R, Len Cariou, Gabriel Emanuel, Howard Rypp, Lou Jacobi1st International Jewish Theatre Festival, New York, 1981


CHILDREN OF NIGHT premiered at The Bathurst Street Theatre in Toronto, Canada in 1978 starring John Juliani and E.M. Margolese, directed by Howard Rypp. The play was remounted at the Manitoba Theatre Centre the following year starring Paul Kligman. It was also presented at the International Jewish Theatre Festival in New York City with Len Cariou and Lou Jacobi.

The newly revised 3 character version of Children of Night won a competition to headline the Palcos! Mostra de Artes Cênicas (Stages! A Performing Art Festival) held annually at the
The Centro da Cultura Judaica (Jewish Cultural Center) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The play, known as Criancas da Noite, in Portuguese, opened the Festival on April 12, 2012. The play stars Carlos Palma, (“Einstein”) as Dr. Janusz Korczak and Oswaldo Mendes as Adam Czerniakow, head of the Judenrat (Jewish Council) of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Children of Night is scheduled for a hebrew language Israeli premiere in Tel Aviv, Israel in June, 2012. A Nephesh Theatre production, the play will be directed by Howard Rypp and will star Ami Weinberg as Janusz Korczak and Dani Stag as Adam Czerniakow.

The original version of CHILDREN OF NIGHT has children in the cast. A subsequent version of CHILDREN OF NIGHT has been adapted by the author with only one role to be played by a young person.

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Press Quotes

“Children of Night, a finely crafted Canadian drama staged for the first time at the Bathurst Street Theatre is a tragedy with a measure of comedy, a thriller with an element of spectacle, a masque with several minutes of melodrama, a sacred poem with a profane conclusion and a children’s show that rivets adults to their seats. Inspiring..poignant..astonishing realism…an unforgettable experience.”
-McKenzie Porter, Toronto Sun

“Children of Night is Emanuel’s first play and it is not perfect. However, it offers something more than perfection – power, emotion and passion”.
-Rene Isles, Winnipeg Free Press

“I am not Jewish yet I was moved almost to the point of tears last night. The occasion was the opening of Children of Night a graphic play about the Warsaw ghetto and specifically about Janusz Korczak, an orphanage director who willingly went to the gas chambers with is 200 children.
Children of Night was the most intensely emotional theatrical experience I have ever had. It could not have been accomplished on television or in a motion picture. It is uniquely theatrical.”
-Bob Smythe CHUM FM

“..written with searing sincerity. A punch under the heart that makes it almost an offense to applaud.”
Sean Mulcahy, C.B.C. radio



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Children of Night Brazil 2012

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