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Gabriel Emanuel is a Canadian born playwright and author of a recently published collection of poetry (“Magical Trains/Strange Fire” Shofar Press/Amazon).  In 1978 he co-founded the Nephesh Theatre Company, Canada’s only professional Jewish Theatre company, with director Howard Rypp, before the company relocated to Israel where it continues to have an impact on Israeli and international audiences. His most popular play, “EINSTEIN”, has been translated into a dozen languages and continues to be performed around the world. “THE GOLEM OF PRAGUE”, premiered at the International Children’s Theatre festival in Haifa, Israel in April, 2008.

In April, 2012, the newly adapted 3 character version of “Children of Night” opened the 2nd annual Mostra festival at the Centro da Cultura Judaica in Sao Paolo. In June, 2012 Children of Night premieres in Tel Aviv, Israel. Gabriel Emanuel’s most recent play, “MR. BEGIN”, about the controversial life of Israeli Prime Minister,Menahem Begin, premiered at the Menahem Begin Center in Jerusalem on July 18, 2013.


EINSTEIN and CHILDREN of NIGHT have been published by Playwrights Union of Canada and a 2nd edition by Simon & Pierre with a foreword by John C. Polyani, Nobel Prize laureate in Physics.

EINSTEIN, CHILDREN of NIGHT, THE GOLEM of PRAGUE, MR. BEGIN and MARK TWAIN in the HOLYLAND can be obtained by contacting the playwrightsguild.ca